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4 September 2022

NloKal, Repslagaregatan 43, flor 1, the courtyard, Nyköping, Sweden


My grandmother saved pieces of fabric that were left over after she had sewn clothes and curtains. Pieces of cloth that my mother saved. Pieces of fabric that I can now see from. In my sewing I see the traces of my grandmother, her life and how she was. When I sew, I sew from her saved dreams. When I embroider, I embroider with threads that I inherited from her. 


I work in mixed materials, both images and sculpture, with a focus on clay and textiles. The main art expression is organic forms inspired by the material and nature. I have studied dance and theatre with Spiderflower: Earth-Engaged Performance Research, and am currently undertaking Accreditation. 


Spiderflower is a movement and theatre based art form that works with the relationship between body and earth. The art form and its techniques are created and developed by Rowan Jacqueline since 1999, and moves between different art expressions. The art education with Spiderflower is about knowing and being able to use its techniques in different art forms. 

In My Grandmother’s Footsteps is my final art exhibition for Spiderflower’s Accreditation. 

To learn more about Spiderflower, visit:

To learn more about NloKal, visit:

Getting in touch with your creativity is always something special.  It touches us in a way that is unique, unexpected and sometimes the dark, unknown parts that otherwise remain hidden.

What it touches is important.

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